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Crete Summit: Kids First!

June 2022

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The Crete Summit's mission is to humanize childhood homelessness and poverty by putting Kids First.

This event will inspire each of us to give onto others like they are family.

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This one-day event will inspire our audience to empower leaders of tomorrow shining a light on our personal connection to humanity.

The Summit will embody the Crete Academy’s education model, providing tools and resources to create a world in which children who once were homeless and living in poverty are leaders of the future.

Learn & Take Action

Attendees will participate in workshops with experts to directly empower young leaders. 

Panels & Keynote Speakers

The Summit will feature informative talks and presentations inspiring kids and adults alike.  

Building A Family

Crete Summit is more than a community, we're building a family of change-makers.

Food & Entertainment

Those attending the Summit at Crete Academy will enjoy featured entertainment and food.

Online Live-Stream & Content

The Summit program will be live-streamed for a virtual audience and online participation.

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Our Partners

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Crete Summit will highlight individuals, organizations, and businesses generating opportunity for kids. We are gathering innovators and experts who share the same goal: empowering all children to live bright futures

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We're Building a Family that Puts Kids First

Crete Summit will bring awareness to the pervasive issue of child poverty and homelessness in the United States, emphasizing it's urgency and showing how we can each make a difference. 

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Want to get involved?


We're welcoming everyone to the Crete Family, so we can empower tomorrow's leaders together.

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