At Crete, we offer an education that serves all students. By all students, we include those who are gifted and talented. Through our Academic Program, we identify students in all areas of giftedness and assess their abilities to make final determinations. Assessing for gifted ability occurs throughout the year and can be at the recommendation of the Principal, teacher parent or other community member. All second grade students are tested in the intellectual category of giftedness and students in all grades are recommended for assessment when they demonstrate a unique ability in particular category.

Gifted categories include: leadership, intellectual, creative ability, visual arts, performing arts and reading and math.


Once a student is identified as gifted and talented in any of the categories, the administrators at Crete work closely with the student to ensure their participation in school activities, summer programs and extracurricular activities that will provide several opportunities for the student to hone their gifted ability.

For more information on the Gifted Program at Crete, please contact the Founder: Hattie Mitchell at: 323-791-1600

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