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Gifted and Talented Program

At Crete, we aim to serve every student that enters our school. As such, we have designed our academic program around serving students who are, below and above grade level standards. Such students, include those who are gifted and highly-gifted intellectually and who require additional supports and resources to ensure their optimal level of learning.

Students identified as Gifted in the intellectual category, meet weekly with other students who are also gifted and have structured assignments, projects and experiences to meet the demands of their learning. Below is a description of the Gifted Program at Crete Academy.


Logic-Based Puzzles: Students will work on logic problems and puzzles regularly, which will support the development of their deductive reasoning skills. Such problems and puzzles are designed to “exercise the brain,” which is a regular part of the Gifted Program at Crete.

Student-Centered Book Reports: Students will write book reports aligning to the monthly, school-wide academic themes. Students will get to choose the book for which the report will be completed, as well as the manner in which they will present the content of the book and how it relates to the school-wide theme.

Coding: Students work individually, as well as in groups on various coding projects. As the year progresses, the coding gets more complex and the types of actions that students are able to perform through coding become enhanced. Coding is completed mostly on the iPad and using Osmo, as a framework.

Robotics Coding: In partnership with the California State University, Los Angeles, stu- dents work on coding a humanoid robot. The robot is taught commands and other tasks by the students and presented to the broader student body. One of the main foci of the ro- bot is to provide wellness support to students who have experienced trauma. The students who are gifted and working to code the robot, work to prepare the robot for such commands as yoga, Tai Chi and meditation.

Snap Circuit: Students will work in their grade-level group on electrical boards to understand how circuits work. Students will have the opportunity to choose what project they would like to build and work in teams to combine different components. Once complete, the components will work via the circuit boards just like the ones found inside televisions, radios, and other electronic devices.


Second Grade and Above Only


Online Gifted Program: Students ages 7-12 will participate in the SIG (Summer Institute for the Gifted) online program two to four hours, weekly. The SIG online program uses the Moodle learning platform and follows an independent study format that is facilitated by an instructor, via discussion forums and online activities. The purpose of the course is for students to engage in unique learning experiences and research in a specific area of interest to create an authentic product that applies their new knowledge in a useful way.

Build-A-Computer (3rd-6th only): Students will build their own computers using the Piper Computer kit. The Build-A-Computer project, employs critical thinking and reason- ing skills, while enhancing our students’ use of STEM skills. Assembling the computers will develop their understanding of how electrical circuits and components function, as well as further enhance their coding skills.


Summer School Scholarships: In addition to a robust school-year experience, Crete supports the continuum of learning for our students. Students who demonstrate a high level of engagement throughout the school year in the Gifted Program, may be eligible for scholarships to Gifted Summer Camps during the summer months.

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