About Us

        Our Story

Crete Academy was founded by a group of individuals passionate about creating opportunities for children living in poverty. The vision for the school came about from the Founder’s own experience when she was told she was not, “college material" by her high school counselor. Coupled with a life-changing experience on Skid Row twelve years ago, the vision of a school that serves underserved children in impoverished communities emerged. The Founder, along with many other passionate individuals developed the Crete model.


          Educational Model

The Greek word “Crete” means "to create,” which represents the essence of the school. Students at Crete will have the tools and resources to create their own futures. At Crete, we believe in serving the whole-child and meeting the various needs that each individual student has. Crete teachers and students believe that it is our duty to ensure students' basic needs are met and that they are challenged with an academic program that will develop their math, literacy and critical thinking skills, which will ultimately prepare them for success in college.



Academic Program

At Crete, we believe all students should be prepared for life after high school and particularly for college. Thus, we begin discussing college and the benefits of a college degree with our TK and Kindergarten students. Throughout the year, we have "College Days" where students get to wear t-shirts and hats that promote various colleges and universities. Our goal is to create a college-mindset through continual reminders of college.

In addition to promoting college and creating a college-going atmosphere, we prepare our students for the academic rigor and discipline needed to succeed at the university level. Crete students are taught how to think critically and use reasoning to solve problems. We believe that future academic and professional success begins with the mastery of mathematics and literacy skills. Finally, in meeting the needs of the "whole child" we offer regular opportunities for students to participate in enriching experiences including: foreign language, visual and performing arts, yoga, culinary arts, and horticulture. 

Wellness Program

Through our Wellness Program, students and families have access to medical, dental, mental health and nutrition resources. All wrap-around services are provided by our partner organizations, which are non-profits and universities around the Los Angeles area. In addition, each student is assigned a caseworker and has access to a social worker to support their academic and emotional development. Finally, students participate in workshops, activities and programs that promote their overall physical and mental well-being. 


Core Values

The Crete model also embodies the following Core Values: Character, Responsibility, Equality, Teachability and Excellence. The Crete core values are embedded in the educational program of the school and designed to develop students’ social/emotional well-being and leadership skills. Crete aims to develop students who are healthy, happy, thoughtful, compassionate and full of gratitude.

Crete students learn to love themselves, the concept of learning and their community. We prepare all students for the real world and ensure they are prepared to lead healthy, productive lifestyles with bright, successful futures.

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