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Transitional Kindergarten

I am excited that you are considering Transitional Kindergarten (TK) for your child! At Crete Academy, we understand how important it is to teach children from an early age. Thus, we offer TK as an option for four year olds, who will turn five during our school year, which is August 14, 2017 to June 13, 2018. As you think about whether or not to enroll your child into TK, we ask that you consider the following:


Benefits of TK:

  1. Students are exposed to the structure, routine and discipline of kindergarten

  2. Students work with California Credentialed Teachers on mathematics, English Language Arts, science and enrichment curricula. Research indicates that children who enter kindergarten at an older age have better math and reading score

  3. Students are exposed to a diverse group students and adults whereby they learn cultural and social norms often more quickly and more often than children who are not enrolled in school. Enrolling in TK allow students to develop their social and emotional skills so that when they enter kindergarten they are ready to learn

  4. Students may experience a smoother transition to kindergarten


Potential Drawbacks of TK:

  1. Students may not be ready for the structure, routine and discipline of TK and therefore, struggle to assimilate into the classroom

  2. Students may not be prepared socially for the TK classroom and therefore find it hard to be disciplined enough to sit through lessons and complete their work


Before you make a decision whether or not to enroll your child into TK, review the TK program on the California Department of Education website.


Also, please schedule an appointment with the Crete Principal or CEO to further discuss any concerns or questions you have.

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