Through the Wellness Program, students are taught to monitor their physical and mental well being while participating in workshops and other programs aimed at developing character and self-esteem.

The Wellness Program provides students with no-cost referrals for regular physical, dental and mental health exams each year. Services are provided through partnerships with local health clinics, universities, and social service providers. 

Please click the here for an overview of our School Wellness Policy. To take part in the developmentreview, update and implementation of the Wellness Policy please check for upcoming dates and agendas for Board Meetings and School Site Council meeting agendas listing the Wellness Policy as an agenda item. 

Crete Closet

Families in need of help may be able to receive free clothes, household goods and also school supplies among other items. Our Crete closet distributes items such as blankets, coats, granola bars, water, uniforms, shoes, back to school supplies, and other household items to families in need of assistance. Items are mostly collected from donations.

Crete Character Club

Crete Character Club is an eight-week workshop for boys/girls’ grades 3rd-6th created by mental health professionals to prevent childhood delinquency in communities experiencing high rates of trauma. Children learn to cultivate their innocent attitudes more vibrantly with therapist guided workgroups with their peers to stimulate positive self-imagery, social interaction techniques, and healthy friendship skills. This club covers a range of topics known to strengthen the healthy development of youth’s assets and resilience.

Group Therapy (Art/Small group/student-led etc.)

Our holistic focus is to target youth and their primary support system with trauma-focused mentorship and coping skills enrichment. We combine the benefits of art with trauma-focused expertise and skilled mentorship. This therapeutic approach lowers symptoms and other risks that could lead to adult mental and physical impairment.

Haircuts and Hairdos

We offer weekly haircuts and monthly hair-braiding to students on a need basis.

Housing Assistance

Crete provides case management assistance to families who are experiencing homelessness. We ensure our families are living in stable housing and are equipped for the future success of their student and the family unit. 

Individual Counseling

A holistic approach to target youth impacted by traumatic events. This includes youth identified as victims of various traumas including parental neglect due to substance abuse; sex-trafficking; home and/or food insecurity; and physical and emotional abuse.

Our therapeutic approach lowers symptoms and other risks that could lead to adult mental and physical impairment.

Parenting Program

The parenting program offers important tools for cultivating effective relationships. The sessions work as a shared engagement platform that celebrates healthy mindset and behavior patterns without shaming and judgment. The program aims to engage participants with tools and follow-up reinforcement to encourage sustained healthy habit-forming skills. 


Cedars-Sinai COACH for Kids is a landmark mobile medical and case-management program that provides free primary and preventive healthcare services for low-income and medically underserved children and their families in Los Angeles County. 



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