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Come On In!

Come On In!



South LA Charter School Prioritizes Basic Needs Over Academics

Spectrum News featured Crete's programs in a recent story, as we are a public charter school prioritizing basic needs over academics.


Children In South L.A. Inspired By Rapper Nipsey Hussle

Fox News 11 features our unveiling of the Nipsey Hussle Memorial Court.


Hyde Park School Commissions Nipsey Hussle Basketball Court Mural

CBS | KCAL 9 featured our special day celebrating the life of our community hero, Nipsey Hussle. Featuring interviews with Crete's Student Body President, our Principal, and the artists who painted the incredible mural. 


A School to Nurture LA’s Homeless Youth

CNN's 'Great Big Story' highlights our nonprofit charter school, which serves pre-K to 6th-grade students experiencing extreme poverty and homelessness.

Articles & Reports

Articles & Reports

Crete Academy Highlighted in LA School Report!

Steve Zimmer on Charters..."That doesn't mean I'm closed to any new charters, I think Crete Academy helping the homeless is great and could have been done in a district school but we didn't provide that opportunity. They wrote an innovative and very progressive charter plan and I was happy to support it."

LA School Report On Homelessness

LA School Report's update on homelessness and LAUSD. Crete Academy Founder discussing how the school is directly addressing this issue with its students and families.

USC Annenberg School Tells Crete Story

Read about the Founder's life story, how and why she started the school and what Crete is doing today to change lives for kids experiencing homelessness and living in poverty.

Snapchat + Kaboom! + Crete = New Playground

Snapchat and Kaboom! plus several volunteers (300+) built our students a brand new playground. A special thanks to Dr. Bremond, Westside Ministries, Interscope Records, 92.3, Pitman High School and dozens of Crete Supporters.

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From an inspirational Career Week to an innovative Science fair, May was a fantastic month!


Check out the unveiling of the Nipsey Hussle Memorial Court and a joyous Spirit Week!


Check out our celebration of Black History Month, the Friendship Dance, and Crete's Spelling Bee!


We kicked off the New Year with Chess, Science, Dance, Sports, Engineering, & Yoga classes!

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